We’re here for you

We’re here to help and save the lives of our community.

Each and every day, we respond to calls for help involving accidents, medical emergencies and critical care transports to ensure our patients have the right care they need, in the right place, at the right time.  

911 Emergency Response

Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics has a 911 response service area of approximately 4,400 square miles. This vast area encompasses Black Canyon National Park, large bands of Bureau of Land Management and National Forest property, a ski resort, and several remote communities.

Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics maintains an all-hazards approach in order to respond to the vast range of emergencies that take place in this region. Covering a multitude of terrains, we respond to an endless combination of hazards, including environmental, topographical, and climate related conditions. 

Interfacility and Critical Care Transport

Moving acute patients to larger health systems for further care and treatment is a vital service we provide to our community.

We transport patients to hospitals in Montrose, Grand Junction, and as far away as Denver. In 2019, we became the first ground emergency care agency to carry prehospital blood products in the state of Colorado. This means, we have the ability to administer blood products to patients in need.

Event Standby

Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics provides ambulances staffed with certified providers for event standbys such as football games, graduations, rodeos, and more. Event standbys can be scheduled through our department.

To request our services, please use the  contact form and provide details of the event including the date, number of attendees and location. We ask for at least four weeks advance notice for all events.

Our comprehensive level of care is extensive for our region.

Gunnison Valley Health Paramedics provides several levels of care, based on the emergency, to ensure the most comprehensive prehospital care in the field is delivered at all times.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Basic Life support is an EMT-Basic level of care. Patients requiring BLS transport can be safely treated and transported without the need of pain control or lifesaving interventions.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Every ambulance that attends to a 911 call is staffed with, at minimum, a paramedic to provide ALS needs.

Critical Care Paramedic (CCP)

Critical care paramedics tend to travel in the fly car and are normally first at the scene. They perform advanced medical procedures in critical situations.